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IKC Hegh'Ta

Type: Hunter Class Bird-of-Prey


Commanding Officer:

Commodore Kargan






Kargan vestai Qonal is just 6ft tall with sandy brown hair and hazel eyes.  He is sturdily built and somewhat clumsy in everyday life.

Kargan was born in 2354 to a working class family.  Some time after his 14th birthday he got involved with a young girl named Rilla.  Unfortunately Rilla belonged to a notorious pirate who blackmailed the young Kargan into joining him, threatening to kill Kargan's family if the boy did not obey.

In August 2369, Christa Martinez, the wife of Krang epetai Inigan was kidnapped by the pirates.  Heavily pregnant, the young woman appealed to Kargan's sympathy and the boy was instrumental in helping her escape.

In gratitude, Krang took the boy under his protection and sponsored him through officer training at the Klingon Military academy.  Like the rest of his class, Kargan graduated early due to the onset of the Dominion war and he was assigned to the IKC Hegh'Ta under captain Kay'vin.

On Kay'Vin's death he was promoted to First Officer of the ship, Despite his youth and relative inexperience, he served with distinction and proved himself a worthy warrior.  He is also, despite his clumsiness, an expert pilot and helmsman,

He was promoted to captain in 2376.


2355:  Birth of Kargan to Qonal and Kiran

2372:  Graduated early from Klingon Military Academy.  Assigned Helmsman on IKS Hegh'Ta

2375:  Battlefield Promotion to First Officer

2376: Promotion to Captain


Kargan is fiercely loyal to the House of Inigan.

The IKC Hegh’Ta, the second ship to bear that name, is the first of the new Hunter class of birds-of-prey.  An experimental design, developed especially for the Dominion war, Hegh'Ta was commissioned in 2372 under the command of Captain Kay'Vin.

At 250m in length it is larger and more powerful than the older classes, although still smaller and more manoeuvrable than the great battle cruisers.  It has a crew complement of sixty as well as a detachment of one hundred marines.

In 2375, Hegh'Ta was ordered to transport Krang epetai Inigan to Earth for a security conference.  While on route, the vessel responded to a distress call.  A Federation transport ship, the Orinoco was under attack by Cardassian ships.  The USS Endeavour also responded to the call and the two ships went into battle side by side.  Captain Kay'vin was killed in the fight and as the highest ranking officer, Krang epetai Inigan took command.

Over the next few months, the two ships, Endeavour and Hegh'Ta fought together against their common enemy, their missions including the rescue of the suriving crew of the lost USS Poseidon froma Dominion prison camp and the destruction of a Dominion weapons facility.

At the end of the Dominion war, command of the Hegh'Ta was turned over to its first officer, Kargan vestai Qonal and the ship was ordered to join the tenth Klingon fleet before eventually being assigned to Starbase 24 as a founder member of the Federation/Klingon Rapid Response Fleet.